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Unfiled Tax Returns

Not filing your tax returns is a crime. Failure to file can face imprisonment as a result and carry a $25,000 fine for individuals, and a $100,000 fine for corporations.

Penalty Abatement

The IRS will levy huge penalties on tax payers who default on their payments. Our expertise has lessened or in many cases eliminated our valued client’s IRS penalties.

IRS Back Tax Help

Back Taxes owed to the IRS can weigh you down mentally and financially. Know that if you are behind on your taxes, you are not alone. Millions just like you suffer, and we are here to help.

IRS Tax Payment Plans

Let us help you negotiate a payment plan with the IRS that allows you to live a healthy and fulfilling life while meeting your legal obligations to pay your taxes. Don’t wait!

Is Your Tax Debt Keeping You Up at Night?

We are dedicated to helping you find a resolution to your tax problems.

If you owe between $10,000 and $500,000+ the IRS has many NEW flexible programs available to taxpayers…

Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about how these NEW programs can help you.

John P. Jones




John P Jones, CPA, started his firm in 2011 with a focus on helping those who needed it the most, specifically companies and individuals with IRS Tax Issues.

Since then John has helped countless people just like you who needed his expertise to help them get out of a tough situation that they just couldn’t manage on their own.

“Over the years, John has given me great advice on a wide variety of issues. I really appreciated all the attention and assistance he provides by answering all of my questions. Now I feel confident on what is going on and why and how I am doing things. Definitely recommend for small business and personal taxes.”

Patrick Youngs

Financial Advantage Mortgage, Roselle, IL

“A friend referred me to John. The IRS was going to levy my bank account and garnish my paycheck for $19,000. Before I was divorced, my husband and I were audited and IRS discovered he earned a lot of money that was never reported – money I never knew about. As a single mother of two young children, I was terrified. John got right on the case and stopped the levy and got the lien released and off my credit report. I would recommend him to anyone with tax problems.”


Chicago IL

“John is an industry expert that ensures all details are properly reviewed. He is a true professional that diligently worked to meet requested timeline requirements within my project. I would recommend John and his Team manage any Tax/Accounting needs.”

Simon Liang

Meet The Face Behind Windy City Tax Relief

I’m John P. Jones, the proud owner of Windy City Tax Relief. I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better. Growing up, the idea of helping people with their tax problems always intrigued me. I prepared my returns as a...

We Guarantee our Services

If John P. Jones isn’t able to save you more than what he charges for IRS tax resolution, then he will refund you 100% of the fees you paid to his firm. No questions asked. It’s that simple.

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